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Tableau partners with Credly to issue digital badges through the Credly Acclaim platform to better equip title holders in showcasing their accomplishments. Upon earning a title, Loyalist Exam Services will provide Credly your full name, email address and title earned. You will receive an email from admin@youracclaim.com with information about your badge and how to activate your account. Your interaction with Credly will be subject to the Credly Privacy Policy, available on their website.

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This is the only way to communicate Tableau Partner certification requirements. All Tableau exam titles are owned by the individual, regardless of who they work for at the time of testing or who paid the exam fee.
The right and responsibility of accurately sharing information lies with the title holder.
The information shared could be any information entered into your exam profile and/or displayed on your Title Dashboard. We will not share any information on exams that have not been taken or received a Fail score.
The only way to link you to an employer is through email domain, so be sure that your Exam Account uses your work email address and all information is reflected accurately.


Note: all Tableau Employees and Partners must use their work email address.

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